Identifying as “sex positive” is an act of resistance. Calling ourselves sex positive signifies that we do not subscribe to attitudes about sex held by larger dominant ideology, nor do we subscribe to attitudes of many feminists before us who have viewed sex as an act of negative, patriarchal violence. Sex positive means talking about sex, educating ourselves and others about sex, and learning how to reclaim our bodies and our practices so that we can find pleasure, health and happiness in them. It also means not bashing others’ consensual adult decisions, but making an active effort to defend sexual freedom.



Deirdre, CSPH Development and Outreach Intern Summer 2012

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Your daily dose of misogynistic WTF brought to you by….the ever so reputable BBC!
…tweet has since been deleted and followed up with this “apology”:
“Apologies, it appears something is up with our feed. Thanks to those who pointed it out to us.”
Yeah, thanks to those who pointed out that that message was a blatant approval of domestic violence.